Strictly select high-quality materials

Elaborate craftsmanship, classic achievements

Nantong Lixing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, located in Shigang Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters and employs more than 80 people, with the annual sales volume more than 25 million yuan. The company is 25 kilometers from Nantong Xingdong International Airport and 120 kilometers from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Besides, the waterway is convenient for transportation.

Since the establishment of our company, we have focused on the development and production of weightlifting rods and their extended products. We have a number of domestic patents. With exquisite craftsmanship, perfect quality management system and excellent staff team, we have completed processing for many well-known brands from home and abroad, and have been well received by domestic and foreign customers. For decades, our products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc., and solved their problems according to the needs of customers.

Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to the "quality first, reputation first, customer first" purpose. We adhere to customers’ needs, customers’ satisfaction, and constantly carry out product innovation and service improvement. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company, and look forward to cooperating with you.



Brand Concept

Apply what you have learned, touch action

Learning is the guide to success. A person can never earn money beyond his own perception; action is the key to self-achievement. Results are based on desires and begin with actions.

goal orientation, value orientation

Successful people not only have hope, but also have clear goals. The value of work lies in solving problems. Only by working hard and making high-performance contributions will you have more opportunities.

Dare to take responsibility, dare to act

Taking responsibility is equal to gaining opportunities. Facing difficulties, we have the courage to show our swords. In the face of crises, we have the determination to take responsibility in the face of mistakes. Work hard and move forward, forge ahead, in the world of life, the waves are changing



Company Culture

Physical struggle, win-win cooperation

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. People together is a party, hearts together is a team. A drop of water can't make an ocean, a single tree can't make a forest, fight the world together, share and win the world. When you succeed, raise your glass to celebrate; when you fail, try to save each other

Have a conscience, great virtue

To be a warm-hearted person, with flowers and trees in your heart, and born to the sun; be sincere and transparent in your conduct, and maintain a strong and upright body. Sincerity is better than perfection. There is love in the heart, always be grateful, preserve in stillness, and examine in movement. Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trustworthiness, loyalty, filial piety, honesty, shame and courage, this heart is bright, what else is there to say

The industry is proficient in diligence, the action is in thinking

The bigger the heart, the wider the world. I hope you will speed up your training, grow rapidly, fight side by side with us, live in a wonderful moment, embrace a better tomorrow, and create a happy future