What are some ways to gain weight on the bench press?


2022-06-07 16:42

The bench press is a fitness training program that many male friends like. It is very effective for the improvement of personal physical strength. However, many friends find that it is difficult to increase the weight of the bench press after bench pressing for a period of time, so what is the way to improve it?

How to lift the bench press

1. The bench press needs to increase the number of times. The deadlift must be squatted once a week, and the same is true of the squat, but we recommend that the bench press is pushed at least twice a week.

2. The bench press needs to increase strength. The bench press uses a lot of weight, and the chest muscles will automatically recover. It is recommended to lift more than 75% of the maximum weight that can be pushed.

3. The bench press needs to reduce the movement methods of the bench press, such as pause bench press, incline, incline, or bench press narrow grip strengthening and so on. We recommend focusing on the most basic flat bench press to build your muscle mass. It's not that these moves are bad. Many masters are using these variations. What I'm saying is that for us, we are relatively beginners and weak. Don't worry about other things, focus on this one. Pecs to recover, to train.

4. Bench press needs to cheer yourself up. This is very important and also very simple. After you cheer yourself up, reach the limit and keep breaking through, your bench press will be greatly improved.

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