Let me tell you about the common types of poles


2022-06-07 16:44

The "Olympic bar" in the barbell refers to the standard barbell bar of the Olympic Games. The barbell is a kind of sports training equipment and is also used for weightlifting. The barbell exercise is a kind of weight training, which only uses barbell training equipment to improve muscle strength training.

Olympic bar practice:

Starting position: Stand with your feet back and forth, tighten your abs, hold the handles with both hands, and place them in front of your hips.

Action: Stand with your feet back and forth, tighten your abdomen, hold the handle with both hands, and pull the handle toward your chest. Starting position: feet parallel, knees slightly bent, abdomen, and the lever in front of the buttocks.

Action: Open the feet in parallel, bend the knees slightly, tighten the abdomen, and pull the handle up to the bottom of the chest.

Olympic pole fitness:

Speaking of barbells, everyone thinks of weightlifting, but the same effect is also true. It seems that barbell exercise is a strength-based fitness program, and in barbell exercise, there are 5kg, 10kg, and 2.5kg. For the alternative, it is actually a low-intensity but very interesting exercise. The entire exercise process of the exerciser is completed with the cooperation of barbells and music.

During training, you can choose different weights of barbell plates according to your physical condition. Whether it is a lack of exercise, petite and thin white-collar women, or strong girls, you can hold it on your head and practice repeatedly. For urban white-collar women, barbell Exercise is also an acceptable fitness program.

There are two kinds of Olympic bar: standard barbell and non-standard barbell

1. Standard barbell:

It consists of a barbell (bar), a barbell plate and a clamp. The international weightlifting competition uses an international standard barbell recognized by IFLA. There are two kinds of barbells: men's barbells and women's barbells. The difference is mainly in the barbell bar. The bar is 2.20 meters long and weighs 20 kilograms. The women's bar is 2.15 meters long and weighs 15 kilograms. The diameter of the bar is 0.028 meters. The diameter of the largest barbell plate is 0.45 meters. The rubber on the outside can enhance the beauty and reduce the noise of the barbell landing.

2. Non-standard barbell:

The structure is the same as the standard barbell, the size requirements are not strict, the manufacturing requirements are not high, the weight can be freely specified, and it can also replace the stone bar used by the folk. In addition, in order to meet some special requirements, if you need to develop some local muscles, you can do various Special barbells (eg curved barbell, bow barbell, ring barbell, etc.) as needed.

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