Medicine ball training exercises


2022-06-07 16:43

A lot of training is actually about movement. If the movement is not done properly, it may not be able to achieve the desired effect, and many people think that only a few movements are enough to cope with things. In fact, the most important thing about exercise is fitness. At times, whether the movement can be completely accurate, and some people can achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort if they achieve it more accurately, so everyone should think about how important it is to be accurate when exercising? Then let's take a look at it together. Medicine ball training exercises!

Smash the wall and run sideways

Medicine ball is a training action that can help us effectively exercise the whole body. Since the ball itself has a little weight, we need to add the weight of the ball in the process of completing this action, so the difficulty will increase. If you can't use the ball to complete the action, then you can use the yoga ball posture to replace this action. When you run laterally, you have to learn to control your speed, don't catch up with the speed of the ball, otherwise you will not be able to catch the ball. This action takes about 40 seconds, and you need to move back and forth to complete it. .

Switch legs to help lift the ball and hit the wall

The several actions introduced above can only be completed with a wall, and the weight of the ball should not be too heavy, otherwise it will be easily injured. When completing the action, you should also choose one side, which is stronger and stronger, otherwise, if you try to hit it, it may cause the ball to not bounce back. And everyone should also pay attention to the fact that during the process of doing this action, the two legs have to alternate, to complete the action, it does not mean that only one leg is used, the two legs are interacting, and one leg plays the role. is a boost. Another thing to note is that in the process of throwing the ball, you should lift the ball above your head first, and then control the movement before throwing it, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

Lunge twist to hit the wall

The lunge in this action refers to a lateral lunge, because in the process of doing this action, we need to turn the body, and use the posture of smashing the ball to make the body rotate, so that we can lower the body during exercise. At the same time, it can also exercise the strength of the upper body and exert it to the extreme. While doing this process, you must also standardize your side lunges, and present your legs at a 90-degree bent right angle. The two legs should be exchanged, and the number of times should be the same to achieve the same exercise effect.

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