Gym leg training equipment - leg extension trainer! Is it suitable for novice training?


2022-06-07 16:55

There is no doubt that the leg muscles are the muscles of the human body, so the training of the legs should attract our attention. This is why more and more people are exercising their legs. For leg exercises, the gym has a variety of equipment and movements, and thigh extension trainers are common leg training equipment. This device requires us to sit on it, push the thighs and calves, adjust the position and weight, lift, simple and practical, and is loved by many beginners.

But are thigh extensions really suitable for beginners? First of all, the purpose of thigh extensions is to train the quadriceps muscles of our thighs. The exercise method puts a lot of pressure on the cartilage between the patella and femur. This pressure is greater than squatting. In addition, many people like to do heavy leg stretches, which can increase the stress on the joints, and over-reliance on the thigh stretcher can make muscle development unbalanced. Leg extension trainers only train the quads, but for ordinary people, like fitness beginners, their quads are usually more developed than the back leg muscles. So, if you only train with the leg extension machine, you can work two sets of muscles. Development is increasingly uneven. The knee joint is mainly stabilized by four groups of ligaments. One of the functions of the anterior cruciate ligament is to limit the forward movement of the calf. If the quads are much more developed than the back leg muscles, the strong quads may overguide the joint, increasing the risk of an ACL injury. Therefore, it is very important to find your own position. Choosing the right exercise action and exercise weight will make our exercise effect better. For leg training, we can first perform some bodyweight multi-joint training, such as common squats, lunges and other movements.

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